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"an idea different"

Thinking outside the box and wanting to create something new is part of the self-image of the new generation of founders. Courage, commitment, a sense for smart technologies and a spirit of optimism are characteristics that define STRENZ.

Inomitec, a company for development and design, was founded in 2012, driven by the idea of developing different technologies that focus on function, simple handling and lightness.

Vor bereits 15 Jahren begann ich, Michael Strenz, Technologien zu entwickeln, zu patentieren und in Lizenz zu vergeben. Gemeinsam mit meiner Frau Christine arbeite ich seitdem an der Umsetzung meiner Ideen. Beide lieben wir es handwerklich zu arbeiten und ergänzen uns dabei nicht nur im betrieblichen Alltag. Die Kreativität von Christine spiegelt sich in dem harmonischen Farbdesign und der klaren Formensprache wider.

The know-how of our three-generation team combines tradition with vision and innovation. In Vilshofen, Bavaria, people tinker, try, experiment and discuss. Finally, the prototypes are then tested for handling, glazability, adaptation and acceptance by the consumer in their own optics shop and optimized until they are ready for the market.

15 years ago, I, Michael Strenz, began to develop, patent and license technologies. Since then I have been working with my wife Christine on the implementation of my ideas. We both love to work as craftsmen and not only complement each other in everyday work. Christine's creativity is reflected in the harmonious color design and the clear design language.

Christine has been working with a wonderful product, the reindeer moss, for over 10 years. She designed small and large displays for our collections, which she produces in your own factory. These are not only an attraction and a special design object in your shop, but also bring nature into your rooms.

At STRENZ INTERIOR you will find extraordinary home accessories that are not only something special, but also have positive effects on your well-being.

We will green your walls exactly according to your ideas and circumstances. We make our moss pictures by hand with attention to detail. Working with such wonderful products and the creativity you can live out of it inspire us every day anew!

Beautify your home with our beautiful home accessories or look forward to giving such a beautiful gift to your loved ones or business partners!

Meet The Team

Strenz Michael.jpg

Michael Strenz


Executive Director

State-certified optician and master 

Selina web.jpg

Selina Strenz


Strenz Christine.jpg

Christine Strenz



Strenz Günther_edited.jpg

Günther Strenz


Optical workshop

Construction of prototypes

Strenz Waltraud.jpg

Waltraud Strenz

Accounts department


Schuster Wolfgang

Quality control

Final assembly

Strenz Günther_edited.jpg

Günther Strenz



Strenz Waltraud.jpg

Waltraud Strenz



Timur Binder



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